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Act Without Thinking

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Imagine a world where people would act without thinking. Everything would be senseless because no one would think before acting. We would be just like our pets because our pets only do their actions by instinct not by thought. This why what person thinks is more important than what a person does.

Thinking before performing a certain action can prevent the person from making mistakes. If you make a decision without even thinking about it for at least a few seconds the outcome might not be so great. For example, a friend invites you to a party and you say yes spontaneously. Then you realize you never checked if you had any plans, if you had a test the next day or if you were even allowed to attend the party. Even worst if you didn’t think about the setting at that certain party. So you made a decision without thought of the outcome of you going to this party.

In the beginning of summer my neighbor need someone to babysit her one year old son for a week while she went to work. Without even thinking about it for a second I offered myself to babysit her son. I love kids so it seemed easy to take care of a little boy for a few hours. The first day everything well but the second day was reckless. The little boy kept crying nonstop. I realize that I didn’t think about the complications there would be. I had no other choice other than to finish the week I promised to babysit but I learned to always think before doing something or making a decision.

In conclusion, what a person thinks is more important than what a person does. A person will always make mistakes but if that person thinks about it before anything the least mistakes the person will make.



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