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Action Plan

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Health care has changed over the past decade from how the evolving of technology has changed how medical records are kept to how medication is given. This paper will be explain how health care has changed over the last 10 years and what the biggest changes were and what the biggest changes will be within the next 10 years. Along with how health care has changed this paper will also speak about what my personal role will be in the health care industry, especially when it comes to my ability to adapt my skills within the health care industry. In addition this paper will focus on how financial and economic issues along with role of technology will play in health care organizations within the coming decade.

Health Care Changes In the Last 10 Years

Over the past decade, both private and public health care organization have made great strides in identifying cause of disease and disability, along with discovering treatments and cures. New drugs can lengthen the course of disease and can now cure, while they are often at an increased cost or increased utilization of medical practitioners need to prescribe and monitor the effects of the medications. Health care organizations are working to educate the public about illness and diseases. Public education campaigns urge patients to comply with behavioral recommendations such as diet and exercise, along with treatment regimens such as urging patients to take their medication; living a healthy lifestyle may help to prevent and control diseases. Health care utilization also has evolved as the population's need for care has changed over time. Some factors that influence need include aging, population shifts, and changes in the prevalence and incidence of different diseases. As the prevalence of chronic conditions increases, for example, residential and community-based health-related services have emerged that are designed to minimize loss of function and to keep people out of institutional settings

Biggest Change in Health Care within the Next 10 Years.

The delivery of the health care system has undergone some tremendous changes. "The healthcare industry has experienced a proliferation of innovations aimed at enhancing life expectancy, quality of life, diagnostic and treatment options, as well as the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the healthcare system" (Omachonu, 2010). Over the next decade new and emerging technology, devices, and tests, procedures, imaging machinery and even including drugs will be tested and perfected. Health care have changed patterns of care and even sites where and how care is provided. One example is how the growth in ambulatory surgery has been influenced by the improvements in anesthesia and by the development of noninvasive or minimally invasive techniques. In the past, procedures that would have required a few weeks stay in the hospital now only require a few days. Some surgeries that would have required overnight or few days stay is now done in an outpatient and released the same day.

My Role in Health Care and How I will Adapt

The biggest changes in the health care industry are everything will be electronic, from medical records, patient notifications, and how patients are cared for among many others. There will be less of a need for administrative staff, nursing staff and medical technicians. There will be less of a need for medical buildings because staff will be able to work from home. My role as an orthodontic assistant could become less of



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