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Action Plan Case

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Creating a personal action plan has many benefits. The action plan helps you focus on ideas and helps you to decide what steps are needed to achieve goals. The action plan helps you to be able to identify objectives. Writing a action plan helps you define steps. You will be able to do thing better and faster. The benefits of an action plan help you be able to think critically, examine options, devise a detailed action plan that will enable you to achieve goals. I have learned that I am a big procrastinator. I always try to put things off until the last minute instead of going ahead and doing it. This has become better since I have got further along in this program. I have learned that an action plan will reveal roadblock. This helps me be prepared for any challenges or roadblocks that may come my way. I have had several roadblocks while attending school. However I have overcome those roadblocks and almost finished with this program. I have learned that the action plan gives me confidence and it helps me focus on what I am trying to achieve. An action plan does allow one to focus on ideas, decide on the steps that must be taken in order to achieve goals, identify objectives, and define steps. In making use of this process, one is able to think more clearly and critically, and examine all other options that are available. For me, making use of an action plan has allowed me to handle small jobs much more easier. According to (1996-2013), and with regard to the position of Project Manager, the subject for this week, an action plan allows the manger to identify tasks, using brainstorming techniques helps one to list all the tasks he or she would need to complete in order to accomplish the set objective. The action plan then elaborates and builds more on those tasks by analyzing who would be more beneficial to completing that task and then delegating that job to that person. The third and final step is to double-check the progress of the action plan by using SCHEMES. This process takes into consideration the space that is required to accomplish the goal, how much cash is needed, how many helpers will be required to complete this task, what type of equipment and materials one would need in order to complete the project, expertise of co-workers, and systems.



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