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Goal Action Plan

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Goal Action Plan

Your goal action plan must include the following nine sections:

1. Goal: State the goal you hope to achieve.

I would like to do well my first semester and pass my classes wit hat least a B average.

1. Type of goal: Determine if the goal is personal, professional, academic, health-related, or financial.

My goal academic as well as personal.

2. Purpose of goal: State what is being accomplished by achieving the goal. This is what you will learn or achieve by reaching the goal.

By achieving my goal it would keep my GPA high and also it will give me more confiendce to continue with school.

3. Major benefit to me: List what benefits you expect to receive after accomplishing the goal.

The benefit of accomplishing my goal would be to graduate with high honors.

4. Benefit to others: List how your family, coworkers, or organization will benefit when you accomplish the goal.

My family will benefit because it will allow me to get a better job to help provide for them. It will also benefit my family because I will be the first to graduate for college form my family.

5. Barriers: Predict some barriers that may arise to prevent you from reaching your goal. Investigate financial, time, and personal constraints that hinder progress to goal achievement.

Some Barriers that can accrue are financial difficulty's, Which will cause me to focus less on school. Also as schooling goes on my classes will get harder which could be a barrier for me. Work and home life could also be a barrier.

6. Solution: Strategize methods for overcoming barriers. Develop specific strategies for overcoming each barrier.

A strategy to get over barriers would be to set aside two hours a day so I can do my homework.

7. Action milestones: Create a list of checkpoints, or smaller objectives, to aid in measuring progress toward accomplishing the goal.

My smaller objective would be to stay on top of my work weekly to insure my grades will remain high. Another objective would be to set aside two hours a day for school work.

8. Overall target date: Set a realistic date for goal accomplishment. Consider the identified barriers and allow ample time to accomplish milestones and the overall goal. Remember to be flexible if achievement becomes delayed.



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