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Advantages of Small Business Using E-Commerce

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Essay Preview: Advantages of Small Business Using E-Commerce

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Advantages of small business using e-commerce


This proposal primary focuses is to debate why small businesses should use e-commerce business models. E-commerce refers to the use of the Internet and the Web to transact business. There are three major types of e-commerce categories: e business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce, business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce.


During income tax season, the business brings lot of money. Once the tax season is over, the business is lack of competiveness and profitability. The business could barely make enough cash to pay the utility bills. The goal is to help Green Light Auto Sales brings profits all year around by using e-commerce.


Green Light Auto Sales should focus more in consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce. There are many Websites that business owners or regular people could use to sell their products and lots of these websites are free of charge. For instance, sites like Craigslist and Auto Trader are the most widely used platform used by consumers to buy from and sell directly to others. I suggested that the owner of Green Light Auto Sales hire one person to run the e-commerce market. He/she job primary should focus on posting cars online, answer emails and update information. In addition, I suggested the use of social media. It is a cheap way to do advertising and it's very effective. The speed social media could bring to a business is incredible. With the used of mobile devices It keeps you connect with your customers all the times. Using e-commerce Green Light Auto Sales would be more marketable. The company could increase revenue by targeting the right customers and reach directly to them. Business primary goal is to keep customers happy so it's only right to reach them anyway possible.

General Benefits

E-commerce allows people to bring out business without the barriers of time or distance. One can go on the internet at any giving times to buy or sell any products. Using e-commerce Green Light Auto Sales would have customers all over the world. Before people come to the business, they will know what you have to offer and that would drive them to come for a test drive. The more people view your page, the more they know your business exists. Take advantage of e-commerce, as carry out business over the internet is the way to go if you like the business to progress. Customers would have information about the business before they make the phone call. And once they come to the store, you won't have to say much.



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