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Technology Importance for Small Business

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Essay Preview: Technology Importance for Small Business

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Technology importance for small business

Every one knows that world is suffering from financial crisis these days and it seems that this situation will continue for more time. Large companies as well as medium & small companies are also severely affected by this crisis in Pakistan. But in this modern era of technology there is another disaster that is affecting the small & medium companies of Pakistan which is less usage of computer software in company's processes.

Pakistan's Small and Medium Enterprises sector is currently operating at a disadvantage. This is primarily because a majority of the manufacturing and planning processes are either not automated, or, if automated, are not being utilized to their fullest potential. In order to close this space, Pakistan Software Export Board is playing its roll in order to overcome this situation. Pakistan Software Export Board is Government body engaged in promoting IT industry in Pakistan. An Automation of Domestic Industry project is underway for developing complete ERP solutions to automate the processes and procedures for Small and Medium Enterprises. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is perhaps one of the toughest and most demanding software solutions to provide to any customer, involving the complete automation of the customer's company processes. This software can help in HR, Finance, Inventory, Production and Sales & in those sectors of the economy which have the maximum export potential

ERP comes in two basic forms: customized ERP (software made as per the demands and needs of the customer) or standard ERP (a solution such as SAP).The ERP solutions are being developed using open source software code, allowing for further enhancements to be made to the applications as per the needs of the units. So if small & medium companies starts using modern technologies in there processes it will definitely increase there profitability.



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