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Air Traffic Control Job

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Air Traffic Control, a great job for a someone looking for a career that could be stressful and has to work long hours on a computer but the pay makes up for the stress. Air Traffic Control Is the human who determines the altitude, speed, and direction at which planes fly in a given area, giving instructions to pilots by radio. There are also many health benefits that come with the job. Air traffic control tell pilots which runways take off from,it can also track the position of aircraft in the air and tell reports from the National Weather Service to pilots. Most air traffic controllers work for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), while some work for private air traffic control firms at control towers not related to the FAA, although some work for the Department of Defense (DOD) and individual branches of the military. Which ever one you work for it's good to know what you need to get hired there.

The first step or one of the steps in becoming an air traffic controller is passing an exam, It helps measures your ability to learn the skills of an air traffic controller’s job. The second step is to complete a six-month training session at the FAA academy, the Federal Aviation Administration academy. The third step is on the job training. Throughout this time, you would gain valuable work experience, complete. This is just one of the ways to become an air traffic control. A prospective air traffic controller must be a U.S citizen. In addition, the applicant must have a bachelor’s degree. there’s only one college to offer a master degree in Florida and that is the Embay-Riddle Aeronautical University located in Daytona beach Florida. There are background and medical checks to pass, along with exams and a course at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) academy.



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