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Air Traffic Control

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Brandon Staton

Mrs. West

English 200-2

24 January 2012

Air Traffic Control

In the eyes of many people, flying a plane is as simple as stepping in the cockpit and steering it from point A to point B. The thing that your average civilian looks over is that the pilot doesn't do their job alone. A pilot has many people on the ground in front of diverse technology to help guide and assist them. These individuals assisting from the ground are known as Air Traffic Control agents. An air traffic controller has many responsibilities from ensuring a safe take-off and landing, guiding in air flight, and aiding pilots in emergency situations by using strict aviation guidelines.

Not only is it hard enough just to get the job done, the ATC agents have to do it following certain rules and regulations. The Federal Aviation Administration has put a lot of time and thought into developing a very successful system. According to, "The United States' air traffic control system is the safest in the world. To keep it that way, FAA and its Air Traffic Organization work continuously to improve the system. This includes incorporating new equipment and facilities as well as determining where that equipment and those facilities will be most effective" (FAA). With the role of technology in the American work force always changing, the FAA must constantly be open to new ideas of incorporating newer equipment. The advancement of equipment is a very big part of today's air traffic control mainly because it does just as much work as the human using it.

When following this career you can go two directions as far as education goes. The first option would be to obtain your Air Traffic Control Associates of Applied Science. This requires 60 school credits, some of which also meet most schools general requirements. The associate would take two to three years to complete depending on the schedule of classes. The other option would be to get your Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology. Option two is the higher achieved degree that will be accepted for any air traffic control job. This information comes from the University of Alaska Anchorage, one of the top qualified school in the air traffic control program (UAA). Along with the proper education and degree, you must also pass all the Federal Aviation Administration's requirements of employment. The requirements follow:

Be a United States citizen

In most cases, not have reached age 31

Pass a medical examination

Pass a security investigation

Have three years of progressively responsible work experience and/or a full four-year course of study



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