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Aladdin Case

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As the magic of the actors of Aladdin sparkled through the stage of the Socorro High School auditorium many things were going on from great to worse. Between the actors and the stage crew they made the play a magnificent and magical place for the children who went to see the performance. My favorite character had to be the genie by far and the reason I loved that character so much was because I thought that the actress playing the role fit perfectly with the character. Aside of the character being funny the energy the actress gave out on the stage was wonderful. If only I had a genie that made all my wishes come true. I enjoyed the performance of princess Jasmine and Aladdin because their love was so passionate and they overcame any obstacle to be together. The way Aladdin and Jasmine sang was so amazing and breathe taking. As for the other actors they did an amazing job performing as well. My favorite scene of the play was a Friend like Me. I heard it so many times that I can't stop singing it, and the actors did such a great job performing the scene that I enjoyed it every time. Another scene that I enjoyed very much was the ones where the genie would come out. Another character I like so much was the monkey, she was always monkeying around following Aladdin. Even though some things went wrong backstage we all managed to pull it together every night. I thought it was funny how the monkey and the genie tried to pull one of the arches of the palace. The fog was a great effect while the genie was coming out and also while they were on the magic carpet. The other scene I enjoyed very much was the very beginning when they were introducing the prince for the princess to choose. I think the play went very smooth and I would change a thing because everything was so creative and so wonderful. Even though I had a hard time backstage I had a great time and I bet the play looked as good in the front as it did backstage. I loved how they did the make up for the actors it took plenty of time for them to get into costume but they looked marvelous. The sound and the lighting were great as well as the rest of the performance. Everyone from the actors to the producers to the sound crew to the backstage crew played a very important role for the play to come about. I loved how everyone helping in the play are close almost like a family, let me rephrase that it is a family everyone has their backs. I thought it was great that we got a good amount of crowd every night although I also thought that 4 nights wasn't enough for the people to enjoy the hard work everyone put into the play. I simply loved the play and wouldn't mind doing it all over again.



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