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Aladdin Case

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Once upon a time a man named Jafar who tries to hire a man to get a lamp in the cave of Wonders, but because he doesn't have the man worthy to go into the cave of Wonders he can't get the lamp, so Jafar looks into his magic glass ball to see who it is, and finds it's Aladdin. A street rat named Aladdin lives in the city of Agra bah with his monkey Abu. Aladdin steels a loaf of bread and is being chased by the guards of the area, after ditching the guards Aladdin and Abu are about to eat until they meat to starving children so they give the loaf of bread to them. The two kids run out into the dirt road where a prince has come to become princess Jasmines husband, as he's trotting on his horse the two children run in front of him so he tries to whip them but Aladdin stops him, and is treated with disrespect by the prince making him feel down. The next day in the market place Aladdin see's a very pretty women who takes an apple from a stand to give to a child, the owner see's this so he takes her hand to chop off for stealing, so Aladdin saves by giving the owner another stolen apple and run's away with princess Jasmine not knowing it was her till he is thrown in jail. In love with princess he wants to marry her, and also impress her Jafar acknowledges this so he tricks Aladdin into go into the cave of wonder and retrieve the lamp, so for his reward he will be very rich. While in the cave of wonder Aladdin and Abu meet a magic carpet that leads them to the lamp, Abu unleashes a bubby trap that makes the cave crumble so they can't escape, when they're stuck inside Aladdin unleashes the genie who tells him he gets three wishes. Aladdin tricks the genie into getting them out of the cave, so before he makes any wishes he promises to set the genie free on his last wish, so for his first wish he wishes to become a prince to be able to marry princess Jasmine and changes his name to Ali so the princess doesn't know it's him. Aladdin rides on Abu after he is transformed into an elephant to travel to Agra bah as a very rich prince to marry the princess which doesn't work very well till he takes her on a ride to see a whole new world with each other, after they come back they stare into each other's eyes and kiss. When Aladdin is not looking he is trapped and thrown into the ocean, so he makes his second wish so the genie can save him, and comes back to tell on Jafar to the Sultan. Jafar escapes and steels the lamp to make himself Sultan for his first wish, then makes himself the most powerful wizard in the world for his second with his new power he sails Aladdin into the mountains with Abu and the magic carpet there Aladdin saves Abu so they sail on the carpet back to the kingdom where he faces Jafar. So after Aladdin's trapped in his battle with Jafar he uses his street smarts to get Jafar for his third wish to become a genie, since he's a genie he is chained and gets stuck "in



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