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Alcoholism Paper

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1. 0 Introduction

Alcoholism is a common problem in most universities. This section of the paper would cover the definition of alcoholism, the statement of problem, specific purpose, method of investigation and the limitation that we faced while gathering information.

1.1 Definition of Alcoholism

According to the Pattern Jury Instrument - Criminal 23.29, 4th edition, an alcoholic is "A person who under the influence of alcohol when, as a result of drinking any amount of alcohol, his mental or physical faculties is so impaired leading to a reduction in his ability to think and act with ordinary care." (Ramsell & Associates LLC, 2009). Mayo clinic staff defined alcoholism as a severe disease whereby, our body is unable to control the consumption of alcohol and later on become dependent on alcohol (Mayo Clinic, 2010). From the psychological point of view, "alcoholism destroys countless lives, tears family apart and is associated with an elevated risk for a variety of physical Maldives" (Weiten, 2008).

1.2 Statement of Problem

In this modern era, alcoholism has become a social and health threat to the society. Statistics have shown that the consumption of alcohol by the younger generation is high and would continue to rise over the years (Windle, 2003). A survey conducted by Monitoring the Future Survey (MFS) shows that college males and females have a higher prevalence of alcohol consumption as well as binge drinking in the past 30 days (Windle, 2003). The rise in alcohol consumption and abuse may be due to college students undergoing transitions such as being away from family, lack of family supervision and the freedom of doing anything that they please (Windle, 2003). Besides that the physical and social environment in colleges such as parties would influence college students to abuse alcohol consumption. In some college, it is a trend to consume alcohol as they thought it is cool and also to get attention for themselves.

1.3 Specific Purpose

The main purpose to conduct this research is to inform others the prevalence of alcoholism and the negative effects in Purdue University.

1.4 Method of investigation

Our method of investigation would cover research studies done by other sources as well as online sources on the prevalence, causes and detrimental effects.

1.5 Limitation

Among our primary limitation is the short duration of time given to complete our study. It is quite impossible to conduct an in depth study as we were given approximately two weeks to complete this and with only three group members working on this. Due to limited man power and time constraint, our coverage on the study is relatively small. As we are college students, we invariably face accessibility problems as certain facts and information are unable to be disclosed to us.

2.0 Prevalence

Approximately 10% to 20% of males and 5% to 10% of females would meet the requirement for alcoholism at some point of their lives and these rates are also applicable to most countries in Western Europe and a slightly higher rate for the eastern European countries (Britannica, 2010). In Southeast Asia and eastern Mediterranean the rates are much lower than the western countries (Britannica, 2010).

In Figure 1.1, we can see that Indiana is one of the top 29 states with an alcohol consumption and binge drinkers reading of 14.4%. The Midwestern countries surrounding Indiana have slightly higher readings such as Iowa with 18.9%, Illinois with 17.5%, Ohio with 16.9% and Michigan with 16.1%. All these states have many good and well known universities that students transfer to after completing their high school.

Figure 1.1: Alcohol Consumption, Binge Drinkers by State (United States)

Rank Country Amount

4 Iowa 18.90%

9 Illinois 17.50%

13 Ohio 16.90%

19 Michigan 16.10%

29 Indiana 14.40%

DEFINITION: Adults having five or more drinks on one occasion. Percentage of respondents who answered yes.

SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey Data. Atlanta, Georgia: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2004. (

A national survey conducted in the United States shows that adolescence, college students and other young adults have high rates for alcohol consumption and they engage in binge drinking and daily drinking which is highly dangerous (Windle, 2003). It was reported that 28.6% of 12 graders and 40.1% of college students engage in binge drinking (Windle, 2003). In addition to that, more and more of the younger generation started drinking at a younger age. In 1987, the average age of initiation of alcohol consumption was 17.8 years old and in 1996, it was 15.9 years old (Office of Natural Drug Control Policy, 1997).. This shows a decline in age by more than1.5 years (Office of Natural Drug Control Policy, 1997). In 1999, it was reported that more than 32% of the youngster started drinking before they even hit 13 years old (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2000).

Figure 1.2 shows the average number of alcohol consumption in a week in college. As can be seen from the table, male college students consume more drinks in a week compared to the female college students. It can be seen that there is an increasing trend in the drinks consumed in a week and the number of years in college. In the freshman and sophomores year, alcohol consumption is not as high as the juniors and seniors year.

Figure 1.2: Drinks per Week College Students Consume

Freshman Sophomores Juniors Seniors General Studies Students

Male 8.76 9.58 10.54 10.42 12.15

Female 4.16 4.35 4.72 4.79 4.96

Source :

A survey was conducted in Purdue University and the data shows that 47% of the respondents resulted in binge drinking, 2 weeks prior to this survey. (Purdue University). Under the influence of alcohol, 34% of the students were reported to commit public misconduct (Purdue University). Due to alcohol consumption, 33% of the students



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