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Alternate Media

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        Media comes in many shapes and forms, so much so that we often forget that we see the media’s influence. In a way, you can say that it is hidden in plain sight. Each form of media is somewhat different from one another, but within each of these forms are even smaller less known subclasses of media. Most media we see on a daily basis is mainstream, but there is a subculture of media beyond that. Alternative media is the sort of underground media that doesn’t make worldwide headlines all too often. Having said that, it can be some of the most no nonsense; tell it like it is, in your face news you can find. In a world dominated by mainstream media that id often hesitant to tell the full story in fear of revenue loss; alternative media is a perfect substitution so long as you know where to look.

        I shall be comparing two alternative media websites, seeing what makes each so unique yet similar to another. The first site I am comparing is, its counterpart shall be At first glance, something becomes apparent for both of these sites. They both appear to be leaning towards the liberal side of the spectrum. Although I prefer my media to come from an independent perspective, I do not hold it against either side for having a slight bias. Neither of these sites take their bias to the extremes, at least from the few articles I have read so far.

        Each of these sites have politics on the front page, but AlterNet seems to have more of a mainstream fronting. Headlines with pictures of celebrities and big names, Trump even appearing 3+ times on the front page alone. It seems to be in line with more mainstream media as there are stories about Woody Allen and his controversial new film. The Las Vegas shooter is also on the front page. I would say that alternate’s front page has more of a big news front page, talking about people and topics going around in mainstream media.

        The other site, seems to take more of the underground approach to media. The website does not look as clean in my opinion, they tried to pile too much information in on the front page; to the point where the front page looks noticeably subpar to AlterNet’s front page. As I said in the previous paragraph, AlterNet’s site seems to focus more on big news politics and events; inthesetimes seems to focus on smaller lesser known stories and or events. Much of it has to do with civil rights and racism in today’s society.

        One thing that I really do like about both of these sites is their navigation. Mainstream media sites often times have their quick link navigation in an order which pushes commercialism. AlterNet and Inthesetimes both have very similar quick link navigations to each other. These navigation links represent alternative media as a whole I would say. Inthesetimes links to politics, culture, and how actions can be taken locally, among other things. That really shows that their focus is on media and not necessarily making a profit from advertisers. Their primary goal is to inform you, which should be all media’s primary goal.



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