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Alternative Beverages

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Alternative beverages appeared on the market in 2000s, creating a a new opportunity for the companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to gain even more profit from the drink market. There were certain advantages in such development. First and foremost, the innovation provoked even more interest in soft drinks in the world market. Along with that, alternative drinks attracted even broader target audience as such drinks are intended to not only be tasty, but also useful for health and energy empowering. Sportsmen began consuming such drinks instead of regular soft drinks or water and several companies offered a great variety of flavors.

The profit margins have also been very high, immediately bringing high profit numbers to the companies. The companies began expanding to the global markets, introducing such alternative drinks worldwide. Alternative drinks were a great stimulus for market expansion.

However, regardless of the instant success, drink producers have started facing very strong issues with their innovative product, which still have negative consequences. Economic recession of the 2008 reflected in sales decline. The companies did not accept such an outcome and started fighting it through expanding the lineup of the drinks, introducing more flavors and variations. They also began offering relaxation drinks, which in its turn has become an alternative to the alternative drinks (previously, only enegry-oriented drinks were offered). Nevertheless, the most important drawback is the fact that people face certain health risks in case of excessive consumption of such drinks. They can be sold in unlimited quantities, therefore consumption cannot be predicted, and the results of it can be painful. In this matter, doctors have become a strong anti-advertising tool, advising their patients not to use such drinks due to the risks there exist.

The tendency we observe in Ukraine is the reduction of sales of alternative drinks. Some did not pass the medical tests and had to be removed from the market. Others have gained bad reputation due to numerous negative consequences and their popularity has decreased largely. I believe this was a successful, yet short-term project as many drawbacks prevent alternative drinks to stay successful.



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