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Amcor Marketing Plan

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1.0 Project background

Technology is helping human being in every sphere in life for providing additional facilities by leveraging on the invention of technology. Looking into the environmental concern for the emission of harmful gases in environment, initiatives such as Kyoto Protocol have been adopted by different nations in order to develop process for environment protection. Countries across the world are binding organizations to comply with the regulations of Kyoto Protocol so that overall harm to environment can be reduced by reducing emission of gases in environment. Australia is also a part of this initiative to reduce the emission of harmful gases in environment.

Organization in present context is Amcor which is biggest organization prevailing in packaging industry in Australia and have reputed brand on international front. Amcor deploys more than 27000 employees across 43 countries in which it has operations. Amcor deals in packaging industry in Australia which is driven by technological innovation, environmental sustainability and low cost model. Industry at present is having high number of competitors and organizations are trying to differentiate their product offering from each other basis on the environmental friendly product developed by them. Industry at present offers several opportunities for Amcor in order to take help of the technology so as to develop environment friendly products. These environment friendly products would not only help in deploying latest technology but also would be helpful in order to safeguard the wastage of resources as well.    

2.0 Project definition

The project definition section for present project of Amcor would define the nature of project undertaken, aims which would be attained through present project, scope of the project so as to constrain present project under certain boundaries and prerequisites & assumptions for the current project. This section would help in clarifying the current project and would becoming clear guiding source for its stakeholders to carry out the present project.

a) Nature of project

Amcor has witnessed considerable reputation loss due to recent unfriendly environmental activities wherein due to high emission of gases in environment has spoiled the brand image of Amcor being a socially irresponsible organization. The present project would emphasis on the implementation of solar panels in Amcor so as to enhance their image of being a socially responsible organization. Amcor has planned to implement 50 solar panels which would generate 730,000KWH electricity every year and there would be saving of $171,000 from this initiative of Amcor in terms of lesser usage of electricity. This saving derived from solar panel project for Amcor would be invested into the donation for “The Smith Family Foundation”. These funds would be used in order to sponsor underprivileged child in this foundation and it has been estimated that from the saving of present project approx 2000 children would be sponsored and their basic needs such as healthcare, education, food and shelter would be provided to them. In order to sponsor a child Amcor would pay approx $43 so that basic needs for the child can be covered. Hence the current project would serve dual purpose from corporate social responsibility aspect for Amcor i.e. to develop the image of Amcor being a socially responsible organization by making use of renewable sources of energy and emitting lesser gases in environment while second benefit for Amcor would be to work in direction of CSR by sponsoring underprivileged children from the saving made from the solar panel project.

Hence the current business plan developed for Amcor would be having dual objectives i.e. to develop an alternative source of energy which can be used in organization so as to reduce harmful impacts of gas emission on environment with effective implementation of solar technology. Present project would involve total of 50 solar panel implemented in this series so as to save energy and develop environmental friendly operations for the organization. This project would also help in order to enhance brand reputation which has been lost from the perception of socially irresponsible organization for Amcor due to high gas emission in environment.

b) Project aim

Amcor has certain aims whilst carrying out this project and also after its completion.  Amcor has mission to be number one packing industry in Asia Pacific region by carrying our business operation in most sustainable way possible. Amcor has taken great consideration of their mission statement while developing these project’s aims. The aims of our project are:

  • Expand Amcor’s CSR reach just from recycling to alternative renewable source of energy
  • Explore various range of alternatives to give Amcor best possible service provider for solar paneling
  • Research on feasible alternatives for providing a good CSR project to Amcor which will benefit environment, increase brand image and if possible, also benefit the company
  • Support underprivileged children in Australia from the electricity savings generated from Solar panel project.

Hence the aim for Amcor as specified in current project would be to become a socially responsible organization by making use of the technology of solar panel.

c) Project scope

Amcor has witnessed bad reputation in recent past due to their irresponsible behavior towards environment by emitting heavy amount of gases. The scope of present project would be to deal with the issue of deteriorating corporate social responsibility for Amcor wherein CSR initiative would help in order to attain lost reputation of Amcor. Present research would be restricted to corporate social responsibility initiatives for Amcor by making use of latest technology. The current project has been restricted in order to highlight the impact and usefulness of current technology towards the development of corporate social responsibility for Amcor. Timeframe for the current project has been restricted to three years in which all the solar panels would be implemented while the benefit of the current project towards both the CSR initiatives of the organization would be sustainable and would prevail for long term.

d) Prerequisite and assumptions

Kyoto Protocol established in United Nation convention aimed at reducing the gas emission by 50% by the end of year 2050. The entire time span for the reduction of the gas emission was divided into two time frames which are 2008 to 2012 and 2009 to 2020. Australia is also a part of the Kyoto protocol wherein Australia has joined the Kyoto Protocol in second time frame by joining in year 2007. It is the social responsibility and compliance issue for all the organizations prevailing in Australia to follow with the regulations of Kyoto Protocol and contribute in reduction of gas emission by 50%. Amcor being a part of Australia need to implement the strategy so as to reduce the gas emission not only to become a part of the Kyoto Protocol accepted by Australia but also to adopt reduction in emission of gases and become a socially responsible organization. The present proposal has been devised as a part of the Australia’s process and policies for promotion of renewable sources of energy and developing business operations which are environmental friendly. The major prerequisites and assumptions made in the current project can be given as under:



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