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An Athletes Worst Nightmare

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Essay Preview: An Athletes Worst Nightmare

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An athletes worst nightmare

Being an elite athletes comes with the price of losing it all. Pushing your body to new limits and over stressing yourself between competitions and analyzing what is next. The athletes mind is a stange place, in which case not many people will know what it is like to have it all slip away after working so hard.

Working hard at school and working hard in the gym are two completely different mind sets, in which school can come easy to come and sport to the other. The athletes who put thei blood, sweat and tear into one goal don’t usualy think of plan B. Why? Because they don’t have time to think of what’s next, they live in the now. Ask any athletes why they haven’t given up, in which case they will tell you that they fell in love with the game and never looked back. Fortunate for some, opportunities come quicker then expected, but for others, they finds themselves in a position feeling lost and hopeless, which can be scary. The idea of playing on a team sport is fun, competitive and full of adventures but having to loss it all and being balmed when they aren’t in the position to blame. No one wants to blame themselves for their own mistakes or misfortunates, no athletes want to have to admit to loss’ being ones fault or even a coach blaming themselves for making the wrong decision. An athletes worst nightmare is to have to see someone else live their dream and succeed at it, while they are still stuck at home working their tail off to be the champion they have working towards for so long.

It is no surprise that all athlets will most likely have some sort of fall back or break down. Being at the top and staying there is the hardest part of any sport, team or individual. In sport or in life, expect a defeat or lose as nothing comes easy but having to go through as often as some is a drag.

Athletes are taugh that sacrifices must be made, either giving up your social life, or to stop drinking or even sacrificing what you have always wanted just to please someone else on your own team. Sometimes you have to be the one to kick your own ego out the door to make sure that your teammate is happy. Sacrificing friends is one thing, but sacrificing a position on your team is completely different, elsepeical whe you know that you are working harder then anyone out there. Sometime the sacrifice can be worthwhile but sometimes it can tear someone apart.

Growing up, you are taught in gym class to respect others, try your best and never give up. Athletes have that same mentality, they have the will to win but have respect for their opponents and teammates.

An elite athlete can go from A to Z in a blink of an eye.

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and asked why you are doing this to yourself? It doesn’t have to be revolving anything specific, just that you feel lost and at a crossroad. Well that feeling hits most of us, if it for sport reasons, lose of friend or family member or even everyday situations. Life doesn’t really let you take a kit kat break when things are tough, the obstacles of drama and sadness in life are there to make you want happiness and success even more.



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