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Essay on Worst Friend Invitation

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I had received a dinner invitation from one of my best friend in a brand new restaurant which just opened one week ago. In the day of the invitation, I had arrived early to the restaurant and decided to wait in the parking lot for a while looking to the huge number of the car in the parking lot. It was really cluttered which gave me an impression of the large number of people inside that restaurant. I thought that I was going to have a horrible experience in this restaurant when I saw these cars cramped in a small area. After a while my friend showed up and we moved towards the restaurant.

We waited to be seated for more than 30 minutes. At last we were seated in the back dining room, where I believe only one other table was occupied. It was a brand new Asian restaurant with a barbeque section. The barbeque section is actually closed because they do not have anyone to cook, so that was not an option at all. The restaurant smell was bad considering it new, the smell was garlicky. The menu for the night had not been printed yet, so two of us shared one handwritten copy. Our waitress could not understand us and with great effort, we finally communicated our order. We never saw her again after she served us with only two glasses of water. The place filled up; other tables ordered. An hour passed, but not a scrap of food emerged. People at other tables also grew restless. Two hours later, we received part of our order.

My worst part of this invitation was just started. First, I go ahead and start eating and everything I taste is either cold, improperly salted, greasy tasting and the rest of the food just plain didn't taste right. I really tried to find something good in this place. Could not find a thing that I consider edible from what I have on my plate. Furthermore, a large rat trundled out from under the table inches from our toes. It was followed by another, possibly his mate. Finally, my friend order the bill and we were really surprised by the price of our food, it cost around $125 for two persons only. My friend dropped this amount on the table to pay for the food we had ordered but we did not eat, then stood up and beat it out of there without looking back.

In conclusion, that was my worst and horrible experience in the past year with my friends. It is good to recommend some good restaurant to your friend whenever you have been invited. Moreover, invite your friends in the restaurant which you know and you try their food before that time. That will keep a good memorial invitation between friends.



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