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An Essay That Proposes Answers to Tuckers Question "what Does It Take for Mothers and Fathers,ministers and Teachers, Music Executives and Television Moguls to Turn (hard-Core Rap) off?

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Essay Preview: An Essay That Proposes Answers to Tuckers Question "what Does It Take for Mothers and Fathers,ministers and Teachers, Music Executives and Television Moguls to Turn (hard-Core Rap) off?

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An essay that proposes answers to Tucker's question "What does it take for mothers and fathers, ministers and teacher, music executives and television moguls to turn (hard-core rap) off?"

Thesis Statement: What can parents; clergy, educators, music executives and television moguls do to

turn around the thug culture in America today.

Introduction: Young adults, mainly males, and mostly black have a rebellious attitude towards today's

society. They grow up rebelling against their elders, going to prison, getting shot, or worst getting killed

on a street corner by a drive by shooter.

Thesis statement restated: Thug culture has affected the way that parents, clergy, educators, music

executives and TV moguls view young adults in our country today.

Cynthia Tucker writes that gangsta rap is "fueling a "thug culture" that is destroying the lives of

black Americans by glorifying, violence, misogyny, and thuggery.

Mothers and father need to take a greater role in the type of music that their children listen to. We

as parents cannot be shocked and appalled, when we hear about a situation where something occurs

regarding the music that our children listen to. We need to be involved in what type of music our

children download or purchase to play on their iPods. How many parents listen to what type of music

their children have on their iPods? Do they ask their children what is downloaded on their devices?

Some parents may feel that this is an intrusion in to their children's privacy. Let us not act surprised

when something happens that is linked to their choice of music, and say my little Johnny or Mary

would never listen to that sort of music. How would we know if we didn't listen to what was on their

devices in the first place? Older siblings should be aware that what they listen to is not appropriate to

their younger brothers and sisters. What a teenager listens to is not the same type of music that a

young child should be listening to. The teenager's mentality and listening habits are completely different

for what a grade school child should listen to. Most teenagers today listen to the hard-core rap, which

is not appropriate for younger children to listen to. Not all rap music is bad, but there is a time and

place for everything. Music that demeans women, and praises the shooting of police officers and rivals,

is not something that should be glorified. Young children grow up listening to this and get the wrong

idea. Tucker contends that parents as a whole do not get involved enough in what today's young

adults are listening to but the way they treat each other in today's society.

Today's clergy and educators should take a stronger role in enlightening the youth of today. Just

by standing at a pulpit and preaching to a congregation is not enough. Our church leaders should go

out into the community and reach out to the youth and tell them what the consequences of growing

up listening to this type of music can lead to. Minister should praise the youth that don't listen to this

hard-core rap music. They should use them as an example to the rest of the youth's that you can be

a normal person just like the rest



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