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Letter to Future Children

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Essay Preview: Letter to Future Children

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Dear future Children,

I have longed for you as long as I can remember. There is nothing in this world that I would not have done to be able to hold you in my arms and look at you in love and awe. I worked hard to get you here, spent many nights laying in bed dreaming of what life would be once you arrived, I prayed to God for you so often, it became a mantra,. In order to bring you into this world, mommy had to fight very hard to have what most mothers have almost without trying at all, But I did it, and it was so worth it to know that I have the life and the love of someone so important and innocent. I can only imagine how you would change me, make me want to be a better person, give me a reason to always do my best. And those are the things that I started thinking about when my journey to you got rough.

I started thinking about the lessons I wanted to teach you, the time that we would share together. I thought of how I wanted to show you the importance of earning all the things that you have. And how much you appreciate the result when it is something that you have endeavored so hard for. I wanted you to know that life is rarely easy, but throughout it all, it is worth it. I worried if I could set a positive example for you, that through my actions you would see a person that you could be proud of, like I am of my mom and dad. I wanted you to see the world through rose colored glasses, to be optimistic and hopeful, but also to be grounded and know that life isn't always going to be sunshine and roses. But I of course want that lesson to come later in your life, after you have had the best possible opportunities and my encouragement to make decisions on your own. I wanted to teach you the value of making good decisions, because you always have to be ready for the consequences, both good or bad. I wanted you to know how much you were wanted, loved, and needed... needed so that way, I too could find a purpose in this world that

You can make mistakes but others will understand and forgive you...But now you can see and understand that things are not so easy as it seemed to you in your childhood.

Now you need to make important decisions, first of all, whom you would like to be in this life. You must choose what your values will be.

The life period you are living in now is sketch of your whole future. You must understand yourself and people around you - and find harmony. There are many people who can help you and first of all it's me, your mother. I love you more than you imagine, wherever you will ever be, know that I am always with you, in happy or difficult time. I do not want to interfere with your choice. Your happiness is the main thing for me. Your joy is my joy, your trouble is my trouble. The only wish I have to you is to find your own way in this life and not to regret about your choice.

And now, as I sit here and think of what



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