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Greyhound Swot Analysis

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A comparative study of Greyhoound performences looking at the new competition of the train, Megabus and Chinabus. Greyhound has seen its business declining because of lower services rendered to customers, the company didnt catch the new opportunities brought by technology in all areas of global lifestyle. There is actually non-professionalism of the staff, no proper customer service, no time keeping. Competition has grabed most of the business form Greyhoung. Management should look at the SWOT analyses quickly in order to correct what is going wrong. Greyhoung has the advantage of having a very large fleet of buses, a huge network covering most parts of United States, but , competition too is improving their fleet and soon, if no correction is made, Greyhound may die. I was travelling from Germantown in Maryland, to Fort Worth in Texas for a wedding. I planned my trip , taking a Greyhoumd bus from Silver Sring , Maryland a Wednesday at 6 PM, to catch another bus in Charlotte , North Carolina the following day, Thursday at 8 am, to reach Forth Worth Saturday morning at 6 AM, the wedding was planned at 3 PM on Satuurday. On paper, everything was right, but , Greyhound made me miss the wedding.

1. The bus left Silver Spring at 8 PM instead of 6 PM

2. We disambarked in DC to board another bus leaving at 10 PM, we disambarked again in Richmond to wait another bus, which showed up only at 4 AM Thursday. We reached Raleigh around 10 AM , the driver refused to proceed to Charloote, she said another one will take us to charlotte, no driver was there until 2 PM , and we reached Charlotte at 5 PM, I could not proceed any more to Dallas.

I swore to never take again Greyhoung.



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