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Anxiety Case

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Matthew 6: 25-34

People should care more for our lives rather than what they should eat, drink or wear. We'll never know when our life would end and when it does, we can't bring those material things with us. So we shouldn't worry about those material things, instead seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. The only way we should live is to realize and accept Jesus as our savior and follow his commandments and live with it. All the things we worry about in our life related to the things we need for our daily life will be provided to us by God because we mean more to Him than the birds. We are one of the greatest creations He made. He knows what we needs and He will provide us those no matter what. All we need is a strong faith and believe on Him. We need to always remember that He loves and cares for us.

There was a time in my life where I would be worrying a lot. I would worry about foods, drinks, clothes, money and all those common things. We are not that rich neither that poor. We can eat three times a day; can change our clothes everyday and not wearing the same type of clothes for a week. But I still do worry about the material things. What if there comes a day where we would be financially down, what would we be eating? Can we still eat three times a day? Would I still have a chance to buy new clothes for me to wear? Would I still be having money for fare to go to school? Would I still have some money to buy things I would need for school? I would ask myself those questions most of the time. There's also a time where I would worry whenever I would travel to school or back home. I would worry if I would be arriving safely to my destination, if I would not encounter any bad person while I'm in the public vehicle. I would continuously look around me, worrying about what can happen to me while I'm out in the public. I would worry so much about my safety. There was also a when there was a storm. I would worry about the things inside our house. How I can protect those things and make sure they are still useful after the flood. I would worry how to stop the water entering our house just to protect the appliances, worrying over the material things over my own safety. Forgetting that God is there watching above me. That God is there, making sure I would be protected. I would forget how He loves and cares for me that He won't let anything that bad happen to me. I bring myself away from Him because of worrying about things I shouldn't really worry about. I would sometimes forget that thing that leads to me being so stressed. If He can provide foods, shelter and lots more for the birds, He can provide the same for me.

I confess my sins, accepting that I'm a sinner and asked God for His forgiveness. Accept Jesus as my savior. Then follow His commandments. Love God above all. I'll become friendly



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