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Apple Case Case Study

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Apple Inc. has been around since 1977 and has a lot of customer loyalty. When people think of Apple they expect high end, good quality products. Customers think of the most advanced products on the market when they think of Apple. Customers have a very high expectation when it comes to Apple and the company never fails to deliver. They have excellent customer service and are forever innovating their products to please their customer base. Their brand is very well known and the worth of the company is growing year by year. They have many competitors and imitators but the customers are loyal and can automatically tell the difference between the cheap knock offs and the legit Apple products.


Apple Inc. is one of the top computer and tech gadget companies in the world. They have revolutionized the music industry. They have created computers, laptops, phones, music players, and tablets and all products have been a great success. They have a very large and important market share. They have the best customer service. Over the years apple has perfected both hardware and software. Apple is very innovative and as a result other companies are forced to try very hard to keep up. To try to compete with Apple they have to try to innovate and produce a product better and cheaper than Apple. When you think of music players you used to think MP3s but now you will rarely hear something like that, in this day it is all about the iPod. Apple is obviously number one on the market, they are relevant because they dominate.


There are many things that make Apple different, and better, than its competitors. For one their Mac computers and laptops are very different from the Windows systems because Apple created both the software and hardware. They were the first multi touch screen products with their iPhones and iPods. They were the first to come out with apps and the App Store. They introduced iTunes which completely changed music; you can now buy individual songs and albums right from your music player or computer rather than going to buy a CD. They are very innovative and involved with their customers, which is how they are different, Their products are top of the line and considered high up so they are more expensive and it works because people are willing to pay those prices.


Apple is a very well-known brand all around the world. They dominate the market. Customers know the name Apple, but they also know all the different products that the company offers. People know about iPods and iPhones and the computers and laptops. They know that the products are high quality and that the company has excellent customer service. They are known for always innovating and introducing new and improved products. The company is consistent, effective, and simple. They



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