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Apple Incorporated Case

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Essay Preview: Apple Incorporated Case

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Apple Logo

Anna Youngs

CGD218: Visual Literacy in Business (BNC1221A)

Kimberly Horton

May 26, 2012


Apple Incorporated has become unique in its industry not just because of its competitive advantage, but due to the fact that it is good at formulating or innovating ideas. All of these are found in its products, but at a closer detail, so much can also be unearthed in its brand's logo.

Apple with a bite logo

It is important to consider that Apple Incorporated is highly recognized by its logo, which is designed with a bite. The picture of an apple in this logo makes a difference as compared to common image of an ordinary apple. Today, seeing a logo with a striking image of apple with a bite would always remind me of Apple Incorporated particularly the image of Steve Jobs. I saw this logo when I was given an opportunity to use a personal computer. The logo was integrated with this personal computer as a remarkable way of ensuring branding strategy. Over time, there were various modifications on the logo especially on its colors depending on the marketing proposition or product message. However, these modifications have nothing to do with my first thought and the association I created about Apple Incorporated with an apple designed with a bite. As for me, the apple designed with a bite represents innovative ideas. What makes it more positive is that I considered that the company is trying to imply a message that consumers should bite into these innovative ideas. Therefore, the company is trying to project itself as a significant source of innovative ideas. Line, shape, texture and color are basic design elements (Landa, 2010). In the case of apple logo of Apple Incorporated, there was a great role played by color. As observed, black and white would make a contrasting effect. For instance, placing the apple with a bite in a dark background and highlighting this image with an effect of a light color would signify the shining innovative ideas of Apple Incorporated. In this case, the significance of the right choice of color would primarily give substantial effect on the actual graphic design. In the case of Apple Incorporated and its logo, a two-dimensional perspective is enough or necessary to be used as a graphic technique in order to elaborately expound the company's ideas. As stated earlier, my personal impression about the company logo of Apple Incorporated is associated with biting into innovative ideas. As for me, this logo exactly fits with the actual competitive strategy of the company as it continuously create highly differentiated products that are cutting-edge technology with high intensity of innovative touch.





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