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Apply Time Management Technique to a Project

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Essay Preview: Apply Time Management Technique to a Project

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Apply Time management technique to a Project

Assignment 1

Ankit Tyagi

September 2018

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  1. Write a brief summary of your contribution assisted in determining the duration and effort,   sequences and dependencies of the tasks to meet the project objectives. You should provide for each of your contribution

To complete this part of assignment, I have selected Oraha Subdivision Lighting project which was completed during my Tenure as Project Manager in Broadspectrum last year.

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The duration of project was 241 days as shown in the Gantt chart attached below. We were working as sub-contractor to Broadspectrum roads, it was a critical project as a lot of roading and electrical sub-contractors and 3rd party vendors were involved.

Contribution during Tendering Stage:

My contribution towards the planning of project started while working on the tender with Estimator. To ensure we win the contract, the timeline and project programme was to be submitted taking into consideration all third party vendor requirement.

As we were directly subcontractor to BRS road, we were supposed to follow their programme and built our programme according to their milestone dates. My role as a project manager was to provide information regarding man power, lead time to complete the activity and suitable activity flow of the estimator.

Civil work including curb and channel foundation where critical as streetlight cables were to be pulled before. This dependency was critical to be included in the programme and Gantt chart. We discussed it with the BRS road team and asked them to put Curb foundation as critical activity (Milestone Activity) in their programme of works.

Contribution during Planning and Execution Stage:

Being a civil engineer, I was aware of risks which could have change the duration of various civil activities. The most important aspect for us was to maintain good communication with the BRS roads team to make sure the schedule was correct and updated.

Due to various external factors like weather, public intervention, approval, permits the duration of each activity was changed which effect the programme. I had to change the duration of our activities and task as per the change in Head contractor programme.

During this project, we found asbestos in foundation and soil tests were conducted, this led to change in the duration of various other dependent activities. The change in the schedule was communicated to the supervisor and contract manager at each stage via email and weekly progress meetings. Some of the activities were directly dependent on the material lead time and client specified programme for e.g.: the pole from Steelgal are made outside New Zealand and has a lead time of 14weeks. In such case, a provision was made to order the pole as soon as the project was awarded without the commercial department signoff.

To meet the project objective on daily basis and maintain the project schedule, I used to track progress report. On the basis of project progress report, we used to update the project programme and submit to client for review.

  1. Write a brief summary (no more than 500words) of your contribution to the identification of project deliverables. Provide evidence of your contribution.[pic 4]

Project Deliverables may include:

  • Products, Outputs and services defined within the project scope.

  1.  Project Specifics:

To complete this part of assignment, I have selected Oraha Subdivision Lighting project which was completed during my Tenure as Project Manager in Broadspectrum last year.

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The identification of project deliverable was completed at various stages before the project initiation. All stakeholders were involved in Tender bid Meeting and presentation was completed by the client in regards to scopes of work. At later stages various clarification meeting, email conversation were conducted between different stakeholders to make sure everyone was on same page.

  1. Deliverables identified during Tendering stages (Initiating and Planning):

As a project manager the initial research was done by me and BRS roads Project manager to finalise scope of work. Several discussions were done to clearly list down the items, deliverables and interdependencies were discussed between different stakeholders. Following is table for Deliverables, stakeholders responsible and my contribution in achieving those deliverables:

Sr No



My Contribution


Tender Bid

Broadspectrum Electrical Division (PM and Estimators), all sub-contractors

I was involved in getting competitive price from subbies and putting a quote together with Estimator


Technical Specs and Drawing for Installation of 46 streetlight poles, 11kv cabling and switchgear, Installation of Ducting and Excavation of Pole foundation

Broadspectrum Roads, Electrical Division, Beca

My involvement was in preparing technical specs, methodology, sub-contractor conditions and discussion over tender drawings.

Pole suppliers were confirmed by Beca and us after initial discussion over quality of poles.


Preparation of Quality management plan, Safety management plan, Gantt Chart, Hazard Identification

Broadspectrum PM

With support of supervisor, I prepared the draft version of Safety, quality and Environmental plan.


Commercial Documents (Tender closeout, bonds and retentions)

All stakeholders

I was involved with commercial manager to discuss all the terms and conditions to make sure financial risks are eliminated before bid is submitted.



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