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Time Management

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The time management tools and methods I use to successfully reach my academic goals is I see what I need to do first which my priorities. The way I establish my priorities is see what is the most important thing I need to do first then I figure out what should be done next. I have a list I go by which is my schedule, so that I can manage my time more effectively. The key thing I do is make sure it is some I really need. Once I have my priorities in line I use my family as my support group. The people I use are my mother, boyfriend, mother in law, and brother as my support team. I don't know about a support team in my community, but I just depend on my family because I know they will be there no matter what. They really are a good support group and it pays off at the end. As I got older, going to school I have always been taught to have back up plan. The reason being is that anything can change, which could throw me off track than I would get frustrated and give up. I have several of back up plans is if my computer goes down I will to a family member house or go to the public library, so that I would not get behind. The way I keep track of my assignments and due dates I a calendar. Calendars come in very handy. I use my for doctor appointments, bill due dates, when children are out of school, holidays, and birthdays which is a lot and I don't want to miss any ones. I use my course calendar to keep up with my school assignments and due dates. I check it everyday for both of my class so that I will not get behind on my school work and when I have to I can work ahead, because I all ready know what I have to do. Managing time is hard because I seem as if I do not have enough time to do everything. Once I finish school I believe I will have a little more time to do things, but as of right now my time is full. I believe that my methods are working right now, but I will have to improve them in the future.



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