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Apush 3.1 Essential Questions

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AP US History

3.1 Essential Questions

When people from England migrated over to the New World, or better known as the United States, the King and other Parliamentary leaders thought that it would be easy to rule all lands but they were wrong. The colonists over in the New World quickly wanted their independence from Britain in the 1700’s after Britain began to get a bit out of hand with their royalty to them and abusing their power. The parliament put out outlandish taxes for the colonists to pay and closed them off from so many things. Along with this, they controlled what materials they could and could not have, what they could and could not sell, and overall what they could and could not make in their own colony. All of this led to a huge rebellion from the colonists and it resulted in many changes for their country; including independence. The main factor behind competition, cooperation, and conflict in the United States was their struggle for independence. All the while, Britain and other European countries used economical tactics, their military, and diplomatic initiative tactics to try to keep the United States from achieving the independence that they were working for.

Before the US received it’s independence it went through a lot of competition with other countries over different things. They constantly bumped heads with the Indians mainly because they took over their land and wasn’t planning on letting them keep any of it. They also took the natives materials and textiles after the natives were trying to be kind enough to show them how to survive on their lands. The Indians, Native Americans, also fought the colonists back through methods of attack and working with the French which is a whole other competition for the US. The young US also had to fight off the French for a short portion of time in the beginning of their process of trying to inhabit their new land. They were also on the rush for the most land and trading routes along with England. It was a crazy race for the inhabit of the new lands that they have just learned about; textiles, materials, and the people (slaves), were other necessities that they all raced and competed for during this time and for the US to be really new to all of this it wasn’t easy to show up with nothing and still try to fight.

The US did have their forms of cooperation as well within other people’s to help them in their struggle for independence. They worked with England, at first, of course, within ships, trading, and other materials that they needed in order to get to the new place. Then they cooperated with the Indians to learn the ways of their land and what type of materials that they used for cropping, hunting, etc. Soon, though, that cooperation method fell through due to the brutality that the colonist brought upon the Indians and that turned them into enemies. So at this point, the Indians began to cooperate with the French to try to take down the colonists and the colonists cooperated with taxes, to a point with England. They were willing to pay taxes in order to be safe and protected from the indians. Later on in the war for independence, France is actually the ones to cooperate with the US against Britain to get them their freedom but before this happened, the US was primarily alone.

The conflict that occurred with the US while they were trying to gain their independence was mainly with England, the



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