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Argumentative Essay: Bethany Hamilton

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Essay Preview: Argumentative Essay: Bethany Hamilton

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Argumentative Essay: Bethany Hamilton

        On the Halloween of 2003, Bethany Hamilton’s life was changed forever. According to the article “My Story”, Bethany was patiently waiting for the surf to pick up with her left arm dangling in the water. Suddenly, she felt a swift tug on that arm and shockingly found that it was bitten off by a shark. Miraculously, she survived through the attack even when she had lost sixty-percent of her blood. Bethany claims that God helped her persevere through her hardships, but this is a topic that leaves people questioning.

        To begin with, Miss Hamilton has mentioned multiple times that God was her savior and that she wouldn’t be here today if not for him. In a video from, Bethany emphasized that the motivation from God helped her accomplish her dreams of being a professional surfer. This was soon tested to be accurate because a few years after the attack, she fulfilled her lifelong goal. Individuals who oppose of her beliefs may possibly say that it could’ve been the doctors or her family that kept her alive during her recovery. Yes, that may be true, however her personal relationship with God allowed her to be positive and brave enough to pass that obstacle. “Knowing that God loves me is like having solid rock underneath me,” stated Bethany in the article.

        With this in mind, it’s safe to say that Bethany has every right to have faith in whether or not God had benefited her. No one can tell her what she can believe in or not believe in. Putting her trust into God permitted her to have a strong support system that aided in her remarkable recovery. Recall that she went through a whole lot of pain with that traumatic event. Her biggest dream was to become a pro surfer and then one day her arm was literally gone. The burden and stress could’ve brought her down; however, Bethany stayed calm and collected throughout the process. Some may declare that science and technology was what saved Bethany’s life, not God. Although science may or may not prove her incorrect, it helped her to know that there is someone up there watching over her with a master plan to give her some sort of relief, as stated in the previous article.

        In final words, Bethany Hamilton had sufficient evidence to prove that God helped her persevere through her hardships. She went from losing a limb to competing with the best women surfers in the world. Her belief gave her an adequate amount of bravery and persistence to become a champion. “He gives me a really strong foundation for everything I do in life,” said by Bethany relating about God. Even though it’s controversial, your own personal faith and beliefs can play a significant role in overcoming obstacles in life, as proven by Bethany herself.



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