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Argumentative Essay

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I was late for school so I got a ride from two people that were (apparently) in my Biology class. On the way they were making fun of me and being mean so I got out of the car and walked home. When I got home I walked through my side door into my garage and left it partially open. I then walked into my house from the main door in my garage and left that door open as well. I ran upstairs because I apparently forgot my books and when I got upstairs my cat, Dumbledore started talking to me telepathically and she told me that someone got into the house. I started freaking out and thought that whoever was in my house was going to kill me so I ran down the stairs and when I was opening my garage door to walk out, there were 5 men in my mom's van. They turned out to be vampires and said that I had to get into the car or they would kill me. So I got into the car and then they tried to initiate me into their vampire clan but I ran away into my house. My house looked different though, I knew it was mine but it looked different than in real life. I got to my kitchen and my ex-boyfriend, Ethan, was standing in the kitchen making some sort of food. It turned out he was a vampire too and wanted to kill me. I tried distracting him but it didn't work and all of a sudden we were lying on my couch watching movies. We were laying there and I guess he no longer wanted to kill me because everything was fine. Then my sister came home from work and we thought (for some weird reason) that she was a burglar so we got scared and ran into my cellar. Which, in real life we don't have one so it was strange. We got to the cellar and locked the door and turned around and saw the vampires that tried to kill me earlier. But this time they were nice and offered us some pizza and then I woke up.



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