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The Army Profession in Every Country - Argument Essay

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Essay Preview: The Army Profession in Every Country - Argument Essay

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No one can deny the fact that everybody in the world has the right to live in safe society and good environment. in order to feel safe in all fields of the life, “security” is the most important basic need for everyone in the world. In addition, each country in the world depends on its own Army Forces to achieve the most important and hardest tasks, not only in the military field, but also in facing natural crisis and civilian support. It is obvious how important the role played by the Army toward the nation. The Army is a profession of arms because of its ability to protect the nation, the Army ethics and maintaining high level of expertise.

The Army is protecting our nation by defending the constitution and protecting our nation’s interests. “The Army Profession is a vocation comprised of experts certified in the ethical design, generation, support, and application of land combat power, serving under Civilian authority, entrusted to defend the Constitution and the rights and interests of the American people” 1. Obviously, we can notice the great role for American Army in protecting the Nation’s interests against many threats through many operations all over the world, such as desert storm operation, second golf war, and against terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Of course all these efforts lead to apositive relationship with the American people based on mutual trust and respect of the Army profession. Also there is another great role for the Army in recovering the community devastated by natural crises in order to lessen its effects such as its efforts to reduce the effect of Hurricane Katrina.

Not only protecting the Nation is the main reason for being a profession of arms, but also the Army’s ethics are the most important reasons. [In fact ethics are considered one wing of the flight which consists of ethics and spirit to form virtue that makes a soldier brave enemy fire to rescue his wounded comrade]. For example, Reward American Army has its own values that stated in American Constitution and statute. The Army’s ethics, regulation and professional standards are based on these larger moral and legal foundations 2. These ethics are the reasons beyond the hesitation of the soldier to shoot toward the enemy if he saw a civilian or a child. Another example for an Army’s ethics is the basic role for Egyptian Army to support the civilian revolution in January 25th-2011 when it refused to use an excessive force to abort it, taking into consideration the oath to defend the homeland and protect the civilians.

Also maintaining high level of expertise is the great reason beyond why the Army is a profession of arms. The army is in mass need to create its own expertise to defend the Nation through land combat power which is applied in joint operations. This expertise comes by enhancing class training to support total army training, individual knowledge, unites, Army



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