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Asians in America

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There are many controversial issues in today's society. Among these include the topic of race and ethnic relations. Multiculturalism and diversity seems to be a debatable subject for some. America is a melting pot that is mixed with many races and ethnic backgrounds. Asian Americans are an example of one of these ethnic groups. This paper will explore some issues that Asians may face in American society.

Like other ethnic groups in America, Asians are faced with discrimination and prejudice. "Among voluntary immigrants to American society, none suffered more severe forms of prejudice and discrimination in their settlement experiences than Asians" (Marger, 2009, p.362). Historically, it seems that race has been a struggle between blacks and whites. "Asian Americans experience racism mostly in the form of racial microaggressions" (Jansen, 2000, p.137). Examples of microagressions could be demeaning messages, insults, and insensitivity to a person's racial heritage. Another form of racism that some Asian's may experience may be in the form of stereotypes associated with their ethnic group. Generally, Asians may be viewed as intelligent, disciplined, and hardworking. This could possibly turn into a negative situation because not all Asians are extremely intelligent. The minute they would fail a test or get a low test score, the individual may be shunned. While there are many forms of racism and discrimination, being the target of this negative situation is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

"What is perhaps most striking about the Asian American population today is its unusually high ranking on most measures of socioeconomic status: income, occupational prestige, and level of education". Marger, 2009, p.353). Values that may be common among Asian American cultures may include maintaining interpersonal harmony, avoidance of family shame, and placing other's needs ahead of their own individual needs. Many Asians seems to have learned to combine their culture and traditions with ideologies of western civilization. This may be why many Asians are successful in terms of social and economic stratification. Every group may have people of superior rank and status. Asians seem to view themselves as superior and unique. This may be because of their upbringing. This may also be attributed to their success regarding assimilation in American society.

Regarding cultural and structural assimilation, Asians seem to have made positive strides in this direction. "Despite some impediments to assimilation. Asian Americans appear to be reconciling the competing demands of ethnic retention and incorporation into societal mainstream" (Marger, 2009, p.378). Statistics show that Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States. This may be largely due to increases in immigration. "Asian Americans have proven to be a quick study learning



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