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Assignment Case - Compare Tablets

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Essay Preview: Assignment Case - Compare Tablets

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1) Research and compare the current state-of-the-art in electronic data tablets. Compare in terms of cost, operating system, storage capacity, unique features, etc.

The state of the art is the highest level of development, as of a device, technique, or scientific field, achieved at a particular time as a result of modern methods. The price range is from $100 to $1000 based on the name brand, screen size and features of the tablets. For example:

- Asus Tablet: Model: EP121-1A004 has Intel® Core™ i5 Processor, 12.1" Display , 2GB Memory , 32GB Solid State Drive .

- Special features: Windows 7 Home Premium, HDMI output; touch screen; only 2.6 lbs.

- Price: $999.99

- Apple® - iPad® 2: Model: MC764LL/A with Wi-Fi + 3G , 64GB (Verizon Wireless) - Black

- Special features: 9.7" widescreen display; 3G technology and 802.11a/b/g/n , Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; iBook support; measures just 0.34" thin and weighs only 1.35 lbs.

- Price: $829.99

- Samsung - Galaxy Tab 3G (Verizon Wireless): Model: SCHI800BKV

- Special Features: 7" display; works with Wi-Fi and Verizon Wireless 3G network; Bluetooth, Adobe Flash 10.1 support, Android 2.2 OS, measures just 0.45" thin and weighs only 0.8 lbs.

- Price: $429.99

- Samsung- Galaxy Tab (Wifi-only): Model: GT-P7510/M32 has 32GB metallic gray.

- Special Features: 10.1" display with Android 3.1, Honeycomb, 3.0 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR Connectivity and only weight 19.9 ounces.

- Price: $599.99

- BlackBerry - PlayBook Tablet with 16GB Memory: Model: PRD-38548-001

- Special Features: BlackBerry Playbook Tablet operating system, Wi-Fi and Touch-screen display, 9" display, 0.65" thin and weight 1.10 lbs.

- Price: $399.99

2) Is there anyone to whom you would not recommend this technology? Why?

I think Tablets and personal computers have turned out to be crucial devices from a service provider perspective and for every person that study, work, play or like to have some distraction in life. I recommend this electronic data tablets to everybody!

Tablet PCs are very important because is designed to work with the Internet, in fact typically is outfitted with few ways to interact with content or applications without using the Internet and web using public Wi-Fi, as well as in-home or in-office Wi-Fi services. Sales of tablet devices probably will grow to 23 percent of the U.S. computer market by 2015, from about six percent this



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