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Assignment Case

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Choose a subject or topic covered in the course and the course text and prepare a quality research paper that (a) defines and details the subject or topic and its relevance to comparative politics, (b) demonstrates a proper understanding of the subject or topic chosen and its application in the field of comparative politics, (c) considers any scholarly or genuine criticisms, alternative views and/or controversies with regard to the subject or topic chosen and (d) includes an informed and critical analysis/evaluation of the subject or topic chosen. Students have considerable latitude in choosing a subject or topic of interest and are encouraged to discuss same with Instructor prior to beginning work on this Assignment. Minimum page requirement for this research assignment is eight (8) pages.

Assignment B. Choose one nation and write a minimum eight (8) page research paper on the country chosen. The Research Paper must be the student's own, original work, be written in accordance with MLA standards, contain a Bibliography and address three of the following areas with regard to the nation chosen by the student:

i) Provide an informative, historical overview that demonstrates significant knowledge of the general dynamics of political power and ideology that exist in the nation chosen. Discuss key institutional power and ideological struggles that have shaped the nation and that continue to impact upon its politics.

ii) Demonstrate knowledge of the concepts of Chapter 5 through a discussion of the type of market economy the Nation utilizes.

iii) Discuss the two biggest challenges your nation currently faces with regard to Nationalism and relative deprivation. Demonstrate your knowledge of key concepts contained in Chapters 2 through 4 and 12.

iv) Discuss the most recent and/or upcoming election(s) or electoral crisis in your nation. Demonstrate your knowledge of several key concepts contained in Chapters 6 through 9.

v) Discuss and analyze a major, current national controversy or issue that involves or affects your nation and/or its government from the perspective of a com



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