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Life in High School - Acomplishments Throughout High School

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Essay Preview: Life in High School - Acomplishments Throughout High School

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Elizabeth Fe'ao

August 5, 2011

Advisory/Ms. Boggs

Acomplishments throughout High School

Many goals have been accomplished and many more still await. But to describe some of my accomplishments would be a journey to the past. I started out as a freshman at Cristo Rey Catholic High School. Even though I was a new youngster entering one of the smallest populated high schools in the country, I decided to give student government a try. I helped organize fundraisers, dances, and school activities. As I began to get familiar with the school, I was given amazing opportunities to speak to professional men and woman that worked along side the governor. The school was highly recognized for it's amazing idea to send students off to work once a week while paying of tuition with the students work checks. Freshman year I work at Mercy San Juan surgery center and gained a lot of responsibility with organization and administration. So we got a lot of attention and I started attending dinners and meetings that involved representing the school and meeting business people. I was recommended sophomore year to become an ambassador for the school. Soon I was invited by the president of the high school to attend a big event that consisted of 800 people that belonged to big businesses and corporations. The event was celebrating the Asian commerce and it's years of success. I was asked to give a speech along side the president of the school and speak about my experience at Cristo Rey high school. Although I was very nervous, I felt proud to overcome it all after my exit off the stage and then encountering the mayor of Sacramento right in front of me. I received high honors and honors throughout my freshman and junior year. I felt that my classes lacked a challenge in the courses so I transferred to Np3 and continued leadership from there. I started my own club which consists of the Polynesian culture and it's dancing. Since freshman year I've helped out with the community and attended homeless shelter. I also helped at My Sisters House which is a place where woman that are suffering with domestic abuse are being taken in and helped with. A have a part time job and I understand that capability to balance school and work. This year I would like to continue on with student government and help make the school a more enjoyable and comfortable place for students to remember. I am in charge of prom this year so the responsibilities I've taken in through family and work will be applied to after school meeting and planning.



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