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Life After High School - Why Is This Significant to Me?

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Essay Preview: Life After High School - Why Is This Significant to Me?

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Why is this significant to me?

1. At fee's increasing at an average rate of over 17% a year we are quickly making higher education in the state of California unobtainable for more and more students every year. If we do not start immediately supporting our schools of higher education in California and the United States as a whole, we will soon fall too far behind the rest of the world. This will make us no longer a self -sustainable country and increase our already ever growing need on foreign aid. This leads to higher prices and eventual increases in the U.S. interest rate. With our economy already in turmoil we cannot afford to idly stand by and see what happens. We have to start educating our own into higher education and stop relying on importing students from foreign lands to help us just get by. The end result is if we start creating a greater educated work force in California and once again start manufacturing our own goods we will stimulate our own economy instead of helping the rest of the world slowly make us obsolete.

2. Because of cuts to our State Universities I have had classes that I could not get into when I was ready for them. This delay in ability to enter a class left me one choice. It forces me to wait for a possible opening the following semester. This is affecting many students graduation dates not just mine. While unemployment is very high right now it is mostly in the service oriented professions. Higher education jobs are out there and there are also entrepreneurs that will graduate and be able to start small businesses and thus create new jobs. We need to increase the amount of classes available in order to allow myself and other students the opportunity to enter the work force and start stimulating our economy.

3. The increase in these fees has lead me to start having to make life changes that also affect me. As these fees have increased I have had to use more of the little money I have as a full time student to pay these increased costs. This had lead me to have to live farther from the campus and in less desirable areas where I do not always feel safe. This comes with other debt I encore, such as increased gas and car cost. I can say that money is tight enough that if even a somewhat small emergency comes up It could lead to me no longer being able to finish my degree that I have worked so hard to this point to get. As our economy has declined and prices of all things increase higher cost at for my education start to take their toll. I have increased stress about how I'm going to continue my education. This increased stress leads sometimes to me being worried about how I'm going to get by on my bills. This stress can sometimes lead to mild depression and distract me from what is really important to me which are my grades and studies.



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