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At&t Case

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December 1


AT&T, the 14th largest company in the world by market value and the 9th largest non-oil company, aspires to be the most valuable company in the world and to enrich their customer's personal lives while making their businesses more successful. With successful business practices and management styles, they are number one in telecommunication corporations.

"Rethink Possible"

Innovation is constant and taking priority everyday as communications and the Internet evolve, and AT&T is leading the pack with being the world's largest communications company and a global leader in business communications services. AT&T aspires to be the most valuable company in the world and to enrich their customer's personal lives while making their businesses more successful. Their slogan speaks volumes, "Rethink Possible". The slogan is creative, inspiring, telling, and goal oriented as is the company of AT&T. They want to be the best in technology, innovation, customer service and relations, diversity, cultural awareness, market profitability, maximizing shareholders wealth, and create management styles. Organizational theorists continue to squabble that global strategic alliance partners are interrelated to diversity and the cultural awareness that are in the partner's distinctiveness (Parkhe, 1990). The truth is they are doing just that. They provide opportunities and they positively affect the company and the world. AT&T understands that a company can be highly efficient at making a product or providing a service, but it will be ineffective if no wants to buy their product or have a part in their service. This is why they know that customer interaction is so important and essential to the growth of the company and to their bottom line. AT&T is bringing it all together for their customers, from revolutionary smart-phones to next-generation TV services, and sophisticated solutions for multi-national businesses. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer said, "AT&T's 134-year history of innovation is a story about people from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds coming together to improve the human condition. It is our diversity, coupled with an inclusive culture that welcomes all points of view, which makes us who we are: a great place to work, a desired business partner and a committed member of the communities we serve. This welcoming culture is something we live and breathe every day; our employees expect it and our customers and shareowners benefit from it" (Stephenson R. , 2011). This sums up exactly how AT&T runs their organization and how they feel about their customers.

Throughout life and centuries to come there have been major differences in the people of the world. Electronics are just one of the divisors among us. AT&T plays a big role in this division. For a while now, the Chinese culture have been at a vast pace for new technological up comings. With saying so, they are the leading ethnicity to look at in the AT&T organization. The Chinese culture brings more great ideas relating to the technical and organizational styles of the AT&T organization. This also ties into the management of the organization. As long as there are certain decisions made to further the company, the company will be able to maintain its position and status as one of the leading phone companies in the nation. AT&T continues to break new ground and deliver new solution with the highest quality customer service. AT&T views the supply line as a strategic component of the business, and is constantly seeking ways to improve its performance and reduce costs. These improvements come from many sources, including leveraging volumes and standardizing products to reduce costs, engaging with suppliers to optimize performance and applying additional sophisticated warehousing, and distribution techniques to gain efficiencies (Storey, 2011).

One of AT&T's key customer service responsibility (CSR) principles is diversity. AT&T recognizes the importance of diversity and they put a very high value on it. Their base of diversity is respecting the broad spectrum that's in the workplace. AT&T continues to strive to strengthen their diversification with business communities by contributing to their on the whole economic growth and to the spreading out of their markets. AT&T engages in organizational citizenship behaviors in that they require contextual performance along with task performance. By engaging in organizational citizenship behaviors, AT&T is positively affecting the company and the communities in which they do business. They are involved in the national minority supplier development council, women's business enterprise national council, association for service disabled veterans, and other government agencies that are federal, state, city, or county. Their organization is dedicated to utilizing proactive business strategies that mirror their diverse customer base while presenting to their suppliers access to procurement opportunities if they exist. AT&T wants to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with minority women and disabled veteran owned business enterprises by utilizing those firms as principal contractors and as subcontractors. They will also encourage their principal contractors to use M/W/DVBEs as subcontractors to further reinforce their commitment. I think AT&T says it best on their site when they said, "We're investing time and talent to strengthen our communities by supporting underserved populations and promoting education programs that create economic opportunity. AT&T strives to be a great place to work, to be respectful and supportive of our diverse workforce and inclusive culture and to recognize the benefits of our diverse suppliers, customers and business partners. We also strive to minimize our environmental impact in ways that are relevant to our business and important to the communities we serve. Through our Reuse and Recycle Program, AT&T reused and recycled an estimated 4.5 million phones and more than 1.3 million pounds of accessories and batteries in 2008, an increase of 15% for phones and 43% for accessories from 2007. In 2008, we rolled out 105 alternative and clean vehicles in more than 30 cities, saving more than 34,000 gallons of fuel per year and reducing our carbon emissions by 300 metric tons. Even more, we recently announced plans to invest more than $350 million to purchase about 8,000 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vans from Ford Motor Company. AT&T will spend an approximately $215 million to replace its fleet of



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