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Australia and New Zealand Case

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Essay Preview: Australia and New Zealand Case

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1. Even though Australia and New Zealand are in the Asian region they are very different culturally due to the way they were found. Australia and New Zealand are westernize so for instance they carry a cultural ignorance to others and believe like many westerners do that their culture and way of life is superior to anyone else. Also Asian culture prefers to build long term relationship that product profit rather than short term relationship that yield a quick buck.

2. The island country of Indonesia is unique in terms of extend of diversity. The islands that make up the country each have geological features from fertile volcanic soils to land that are rich in mineral resources such as natural gas, coal and oil. The climate conditions there also is diverse, so region experience heavy rains and floods, while others suffer from droughts that often lead to famines.

3. In this profile the characteristics of Indonesian workplaces it is referring to is one that is blue collar in nature. It is one where that is manual labor intensive that focus on cheap labors in factories, one that companies used for outsourcing of its manufacturing process.

4. The population appear to be socially stratified due to the 230million people that is living there but there is a great imbalance in population distribution where the island of Java hold 60% of the country population. Also the majority of the population is in a state of poverty, and above them is an increasingly demanding middle class with very few wealthy elite at the top.



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