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Bcom 275 - More Than Communication

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Essay Preview: Bcom 275 - More Than Communication

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More Than Communication

Alexander C. Garcia


October 14, 2012

Professor Alex Luna

More Than Communication

Demonstrating communication skills is the process of sending and receiving messages with an attached meaning. Therefore, a person who sends a form of communication, a sender, to a person who receives that communication, a receiver, responds to the original sender which then makes the original sender the new receiver. The attached meaning is the way one shows or presents the form of communication towards the sender or receiver. "Communication is a bilateral process which is impossible without feedback from its members" (Indriksons). The sender in the process of communicating is the person who originates the message and sometimes waits for a response. While, the receiver, acquires the message and sometimes replies towards the original sender.

Demonstrating one's communication skills can be interpreted in many ways. A few examples of demonstrating one's communication skills is how the sender and receiver show their facial expressions, tone of voice, body language and even the style in which they dress. Facial expression gives a nonverbal response to either the sender or receiver based off of how the muscles of the face move. Facial expression and body language have a lot in common in how they correlate with each other. Most likely these two will match and coincide with the same emotion that one is feeling. Tone of voice is how one projects a speech from the mouth, whether it is casual or demanding, the tone of voice can be very incommunicative hence sarcasm. Lastly, the way one dresses is more or less a factor in demonstrating communication skills but it can also be misguided. " There is a deeper layer of communication that we can create with others. These are special relationships which are internal, long-lasting and strong" (Jain).

Certain ways one demonstrates communication skills can be lead in a positive or negative manner. For example, how a handshake is delivered at the start of an interview can say a lot about the body language of the interviewee. If the handshake is weak it can give the impression of not being confident or serious for the interview. On the other hand, if the handshake is too strong it can be taken as a sign of over empowerment or too dominating towards the interviewer. The handshake just needs to be firm and calmly motivated in order to provide a successful positive handshake. A smile, which would be a form of facial expression, can also be misguided as positive or negative. The way it could be positive is that it shows one's friendliness or happiness. At the same time it could be determined as a being goofy or deceiving.

When a candidate is giving a speech for an election and the way the candidate gives their speech and dresses can have influence an audience as an ineffective or effective way, depending on how the candidate presents their self. If the candidate is giving a speech and seems really



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