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Behavior Case

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Psychology is the study of how human beings and animals sense, think, learn and know. Psychology is a science based on observations and theories. Modern psychology is the collecting of facts and turning them into psychological theories to explain people's behavior and sometimes to predict and influence their future behavior. Psychology, in the past, has been assumed to have clear sub-fields (headings). Although there are many differences between the different classifications of psychology, they are interrelated and frequently overlap. I will mainly be focusing on Environmental Psychology and Phobias although I will touch on other aspects of psychology.

Many of the theories in social psychology can fundamentally be classified as balanced theories. "These relate to the problem, of both practical and theoretical importance," of how and why people change their attitudes. For example, if you hear a speech from a friend or someone you admire and trust you expect to hear things that you would agree with. If that is not the case, one of two likely outcomes can hap...

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...fear. The goal of treatment is to deal with a patient's fear by finding out what is causing it and then trying to eliminate it.

There is no single answer to the question of how to deal with fear-related problem. The symptoms and severity of the conditions vary so widely from person to person that therapists, psychiatrics. And other doctors usually prefer to use a variety of methods for treatment. A technique that works for one patient may not work for another and vice versa, so no single method has been proven better that the others.



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