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Ben & Jerry

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Cambridge Dictionary defines social media as interactive platforms via which individuals and communities create and share user-generated content using the internet or mobile phones. (Social Media: Cambridge Dictionary) These includes traditional social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, video sharing websites like YouTube and even mobile social media applications like Apple Apps.

In this article, we will be critically analysing two different companies namely Ben & Jerry and SMRT in their use of social media and how it benefitted or harmed them.


Ben & Jerry's is an American premium ice cream brand that utilises social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to interact with the masses from all over the world. Reasons for them to use the social media was partly because of their willingness to listen to feedbacks from their fans who shared that they prefer connecting with Ben and Jerry through these platforms instead of the conventional marketing tool of the email. (Whalley, 2010) As such, they sought improvement through feedbacks and managed to establish a strong connection with their fans. Thus, the creations of their Facebook and Twitter profiles have brought tremendous value to their business.

Ben and Jerry have been playing an active role in promoting their products in Twitter. Currently, Ben and Jerry have 76,815 followers on Twitter. (Ben & Jerry's Twitter) Through this medium, they are able to market their products to their fans and introduce new flavours to them faster and more conveniently. For instance, they gave away free ice-cream with Ben & Jerry's trucks visiting various cities to promote their new ice-cream flavour. Followers are able to engage with them by tweeting and telling them where to go. (Schoenfeld, 2012) This event enabled them to promote their products successfully with 22,389 fans following their Ben & Jerry's Truck Twitter account allowing them to get updated information on where the truck is. (Ben & Jerry's Truck Twitter)

Through the use of these platforms, Ben and Jerry is able to reduce their marketing expenses as they do not have to hire email service provider to help them advertise. Instead, their fans became their main tool of advertising as they help them market their product through the use of social media site.



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