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Ben and Jerrys Case

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If you need artwork or invitations for your event, please let us know and we will provide it electronically.

We provide all napkins, spoons, cups, cones, etc. in order to serve at your event. We typically don't need anything in order to serve ice cream to your guests. Some situations require that we utilize what's available on site. Please let us know if there will be anything that will make serving difficult i.e steep hills, serving on a boat, etc.

We do work with other caterers and event planners. Ask us for our rate sheet.

We recommend against serving any ice cream with nuts due to people having nut allergies and the risk of cross contamination and liability.

Most of our ice cream products are certified Kosher. Please ask to see our certificates.Through the years, the company has been around for decades. It is well known in the for its first class quality ice cream. Ben and Jerry's ice cream is available in most parts of the world. With the modern technological advancements the company have created a website, data base management for customers and has improved their manufacturing technology. Their website is primarily made to interact with their customers' needs, comments and suggestions. As a market evolved in the modern competitive world, the company, Ben and Jerry's technological support to customers was not that fast and efficient. They failed to attend to their customers needs resulting to poor brand loyalty and loosing its market share to its competitors.

It is not too late for Ben and Jerry's to catch up and regain the trust and loyalty of their customers. The company continues to provide new innovative flavors to its customers and give healthy options for the new health conscious market. They may expand their operations and distributions to other parts of the world. Since the United States market is pretty saturated already.

Threats for their direct rival company's namely Haagen-dazs, Dreyer's and Dannon continue to grow. Plus the smaller companies that are emerging in the market like the ones of Selecta and Nestle and other multinational companies may contribute to the threats that Ben and Jerry's are facing.



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