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Benefits of College

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The Benefits of college

If five years ago someone would have asked me "are you going to college?" chances are my response would not have been very fulfilling. Back through my high school days I always seemed focus on wanting to achieve more, do something great, but I never saw college as a platform to help me succeed. When I graduated from high school I enrolled into a community college but never was fully committed to it and soon enough I saw myself dropping out to focus on my dreams of being a business owner. 5 years later through hard work and dedication, I have achieved my dreams and I own a barbershop here in Miami. Throughout my years of experience and the growth of my business I have had a lot of success but here I find myself enrolled back in school. I never thought that if I were to achieve what I have so far, I would want to go back to school. I always figured if the revenue was coming in than"who needs school?" but throughout success comes wisdom and I was able to find out that school gives you much more than that. I believe that many things in life come and go, but it's the tools that you learn is school that will stick with you for a life time. I also see school as a networking platform, being able to connect with so many different people that can open up many doors in the future.3 years from now I will have my degree and my business still growing and I will know that no matter what happens, the skills I learned in school will always be there to help me succeed in life.



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