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Creating a Job Posting for Your Small Business

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Essay Preview: Creating a Job Posting for Your Small Business

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Creating a Job Posting for Your Small Business

Youth Sports Gymnastics

Sammy Payne


October 31, 2011

David Freeman

Creating a Job Posting for Your Small Business (Youth Sports Gymnastics)

Youth Sports Training Center of Woodbridge Virginia is a multiplex complex training competition level athletic Boys and Girls Gymnastics, Competitive Jump Rope, Aerobic Gymnastics, Dance, and Tumbling. The company has been in operation for over 21 years and its mission is to involve youth into long term sports programs at competitive levels. The interview was conducted on October 29, 2011 at Youth Sports Gymnastics. The person interviewed was Paul Fecuira, gym owner and interviewer Sammy Payne, Phoenix University HRM/531 student. I chose to interview for a program director as this position is key to the success had by the Gyms overall program as well as remaining relevant and competitive in the USA Gymnastics (USAG) arena.


1. How and when would you determine the need to create a job position within your business?

a. I would determine the need for hiring within my staff by either a noted decline in performance causing the company's overall success to decrease or projected turnover due to accepting new job or departing the company as a whole for personal reasons.

2. What strategy would use to outline the position's details?

a. The strategy I would use would be a combination of tailoring the current positions job descriptions and possibly combining with others in the field that are successful to ensure I am remaining currant and relevant.

3. What would the duties be?

a. The duties would be to head up the programs offered by the Gym, oversee all of the coach's and there program, manage the Gym as well as coach the optional level Girl Gymnast.

4. What would the performance requirements for the position be?

a. The performance requirements would be to manage the staff, foster a healthy retention rate, provide interesting fundraising and support training, as well as program growth and development. The Program Director will actively participate as part of the Association team to develop, implement and enhance best practices to achieve excellence in programs and positively impact the overall member experience.

5. What preexisting knowledge and skills would be required for the position?

a. Preexisting knowledge required in developing compulsory routines at all gymnastic levels, experience in both coaching and spotting optional level gymnasts and creativity in choreographing optional



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