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Bordman Management Group Rfp

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Bordman Management Group RFP

Description of company

Baderman Island Resort managed by the Boardman Management Group. The Resort consists of three hotels, a convention center, four restaurants, two gift shops, a pro shop, and a spa. The offices run independently and therefore are using different word processing software. The goal is to come up with standard software that each entity can use during normal daily activity business.

Project goals

Windows Vista and Word 2007 are the leading software today or what is already installed on new computers for at least a trial period. The total budget for the plan should be at least $15-$20,000 with all of the computers that need to be updated at all of the places of business. Baderman is looking at a timeframe of at least three to six months depending on what kind of interruptions may come about. The potential risks that would prevent the plan objectives from being met on time and within budget are the employees not being able to figure out how to use the software. Baderman has predicted the deadline because the employees will need to be trained on how to at least operate the applications that they have to operate daily. Training personnel is to make sure everybody is clear on how to operate the new software as well as be able to assist in teaching it to others.

Scope of project

The project tasks that need to be completed consist of defining and outlining the problems and possible solutions, implementing the hardware and software solutions, training users, and supporting the project's outcome. The goal of this project is to update all necessary workstations at the Baderman Resort with new hardware and operating software. The project is overseen by the project manager (PM) who is responsible for approving all selections and purchases as well as monitoring any variances in the project. The Analyst is responsible for evaluating all current workstations to see if they need to be replaced or if they can remain.

Budget constraints

Selection and the subsequent purchase of the appropriate software will be conducted by the information technology (IT) management team with final approval by the project manager. The IT management will also be responsible for sending out the request for proposal and selecting a vendor from submitted bids, also with approval from the project manager.

The cost for the IT manager will be 50 dollars an hour with incentives to complete the project early. The project manager, who will have conducted feasibility and costs analysis studies based on the information from various team members, will have a cost of 35 dollars hour with incentives to complete the project early.

The contracted staffing requirements will include seven contractors at a cost of 20 dollar hour per contractor.

Total cost for this project will be strictly adhered to and in line with the initial project plan.


Base on the Analysis Report, the computer system must upgrade both hardware and software.

We must replace six computers running Windows 98 OS. The hardware is outdate and not able to upgrade. The 38 systems running windows 2000, we can upgrade the Hardware to make it runs compatible with Windows XP. The main



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