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Pestel Analysis for Disney Land Resort Paris

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Essay Preview: Pestel Analysis for Disney Land Resort Paris

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PESTEL Analysis for Disney land Resort Paris

The idea to build a European version of Anaheim's Disneyland was muted around 1975, many countries were chosen but finally due to some factors France was chosen, it was mainly due to its central positioning within Western Europe. In 1985, contracts were signed by the French government and the then CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner. The Disneyland Resort Paris had a lot of political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal factors as well elaborated and later in details the factors effect or impacts this business.


The government involvement and permitting of its construction.

Political instability.


Creation of employment opportunities.

Boosting the economy.( The Tourism Sector).

Foreign Exchange Revenue.

Increase in the value added Tax. VAT


Fear of loss of culture.

Encourages unhealthy American type of Consumer.

American invasion of French culture.

Its construction was a complex as a subject of controversies. Technological


Firms were destroyed.

Monster storms. Legal



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