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Bruce Lee

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Essay Preview: Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee was born on November 27 1941 in San Francisco, CA. He was born on the year and the hour of the dragon which meant, in Chinese tradition, as a sign of good luck. He was many things during his time of living. Bruce Lee was a new energy when he acted many of times using his physical prowess to display many feats. He wasn't all about movies, he revolutionized martial arts. Proving the traditional martial arts being to linear and stiff and much of the time mentally closed minded, he made his own way of fighting. This not only stimulated the body but also the mind and soul introducing an understanding of life which an individual can be him or her self. Philosophy, just like martial arts and his movies, played a huge part of Bruce Lee's life. He attended the University of Washington in Seattle, he studied drama and philosophy. Bruce Lee was Buddhist, even though I don't share his religion, I share few of his worldview points, he showed the world that life should be lived everyday by perfecting your craft and being true to oneself not to follow a strict way of life provided by another person but to live yours to what you justify it to be.

My observations of Bruce Lee's life are based on

Lee's extraordinary abilities provided an awesome sight to see, he started at a very young age performing in school plays until his family sent him back to U.S due to his constant street fighting and bad behavior. Although Lee never finished his college education, it didn't stop him from achieving his goal as an actor and director, his first role was the Kato, the Green Hornet's personal driver in the live television adaptation of the same name. Even though the role was a minor one Lee used his real skills to outperform the lead character. Few years after He was casted in the lead role in a movie called the Big Boss, which made Bruce a huge celebrity in Asia and later internationally. He was successful because he poured his art and soul into entertaining the public not only with his fighting skills but he also showed the way of a philosopher constantly trying to understand life and adapting to life. Being a Chinese American during the 70's proved to be difficult for Lee to teach martial arts getting death threats and physical harm from other schools. He created a new form of martial arts, Jeet Kune Do in 1967.

Bruce Lee's worldview vs. my worldview

Bruce Lee changed the ideology of the typical art; he wanted everyone not to follow the style heavily but to have their own way. He called it the "style of no style" or the "way of no way" for a person to make their own personality and not follow someone else's. "All types of knowledge, ultimately leads to self knowledge"



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