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Bullying Case

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One-room schoolhouses with kids of all ages are learning the same subjects, above and below each other's grade level. In William Kamkwamba's, book The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, the learning environment was one in which he knew no other way an environment caused many learning disadvantages. The opinion is that schools in America are more advanced than other schools around the world, yet they face the same problems as William's school. Bulling is the problem that arose which plagues schools all around the world today. Both Williams' peers and American students face the same problems of bulling in schools, even though this seems to be less problematic in American schools.

Bulling, in Williams case, almost pushes him to the point of where he does not want to attend school. In this book he goes in to detail to lets the reader know how far he is willing to go to stop the bulling. William went to the village's medicine man and asked him how he could become stronger so that he can defend himself against this bully. The medicine man tells him that if he was to cut open his knuckles and grounds up a rhinoceros horn in the wound that he would have the same strength as this beast. Therefore, that is what William did, hoping the medicine man solved his problem. The next day he went to school and tried to pick a fight with the bully, the outcome was the same; the bulling continued.

A student, just as William, will keep attending school to be bullied repeatedly; this can also push an American student to truancy. A kid will go home upset and angry and will try to find out a way to get the bulling to stop. Whether it is trying to talk it out or to bring a gun to school: this is a problem.

The amounts of education both sets of these students receive are so different. In William's case by the time they are done with there education they are on about the same level of the sixth grader in America. These children are not taught how much it affects other kids and their families. They are not taught how to manage their anger and channel it into other things. The education on bulling and the affects it has on other students are almost non-existent in Malawi. Therefore, it will remain a problem until they choose to make it a priority to teach their children that bullying is not okay. On the other side of things, America has many programs to teach our children that bulling is not acceptable. Programs such as "Stop Bulling Now!" and "No Bully" (; The problem plagues American schools as of now stop the degradation of bulling, but the hope of these programs is to one-day stop the bulling for good.

As far as the environment goes, William is much worse off than an American student



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