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Bullying Case

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Essay Preview: Bullying Case

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Bullying, something we've all witnessed in some way in our lives, is very negatively powerful and needs to be stopped. We have either been bullied, watched someone else get bullied, or unfortunately bullied someone. The evil claws of bullying have torn kids' self esteem to shreds, even have killed some. In the documentary about bullying called "My Kid Would Never Bully", people can see the effects bullying has on all of its victims. In the documentary viewers can learn what parents often assume about their kids and bullying, how bullying by girls is different than bullying by guys, and how most bystanders react in a bullying situation.

To begin, most parents automatically assume that their "precious little angels" would never bully. In the situation, though, that their child is a bystander they always presume their kids will stand up to the bully. Most of all, parents most commonly assume that their children have never witnessed bullying and that their kid isn't bullied. In addition, bullying by girls is different than bullying by guys. Girl bullies tend to pick on the girls who don't dress fashionably, and they pick on girls who aren't skinny. Boys, however, pick on the less- athletic boys and the boys who are a little bit more on the feminine side. As a final thought, most bystander react the same in a bully situation. Most just keep their

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mouths shut, or some even join the bully. There are a select few, however, that stick up to the harassment. Those people are true leaders.

To sum it all up, the documentary displayed the differences in bullying based on gender, what kids' parent assume about bullying, and what most people do when they witness an act of cruel bullying. This video is great for people of all ages to watch because it shows how bullying affects the victim and everybody else. Parents could learn to talk to their kids about bullying, bystanders could learn to speak up, and together everyone could put a stop to bullying.



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