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Bullying Case

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Essay Preview: Bullying Case

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"A Modest Proposal for preventing children being a target for other children, and from preventing a blood bath that will ruin the future life's"

Every seven minutes children are getting bullied everyday of their life. They beg for help from others, they beg the bullies to stop. Fifty-eight percent of children tell their parents that they're getting bullied every day, forty-two percent don't tell their parents because they are either one scared, two they've been warned, or three they're going to handle it themselves. Parents don't understand how their child feels when they go to school. Would parents want their child to become a murder from killing? So in order to prevent that from happening I think at the age of three years old children should be sent to death camp. Three years is a good age because that is when children start to have two sided personality; you know make believe friends, being a good kid at home but really when they go to school they are getting bullied by other children.

So death camp will be a good place to put children that are victims because they will be taught how to snap necks, bust heads, slice throats, and shoot. They will become natural fighters which will help prevent from bullying because children will be too scared to mess with them.



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