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Bus 360: Career Management - Mock Phone Interview Write Up

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Essay Preview: Bus 360: Career Management - Mock Phone Interview Write Up

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Carroll University

Mock Phone Interview Write Up #2

Mitch Marty

BUS360: Career Management

Dr. Williams

The second round of mock phone interviews was even more beneficial than the first round. I say this because as with anything, practicing something is the only way to get good at it. These mock interviews have given me great practice and confidence needed to perform well during a phone interview. More importantly, I got a realistic expectation of how a phone interview will be when I am applying for my first job upon graduation. Although I have had phone interviews in the past for low-level jobs, the questions were not like any of the ones that were asked during the second mock interview. The questions mainly focused on my personal background and qualities that I possess. It is interesting to know that my personality and qualities are just as important as my work experience.

Thinking back to my first mock phone interview, I tried to write down answers to questions that I anticipated being on the second mock phone interview. These helped me answer questions in a timely manner. I also was able to provide specific examples because they were written down and providing an example helped me smooth my answers together. Overall, I think I was personable enough to be able to stand out to people who would have heard this conversation.

However, I still have plenty that I can improve upon. Because I wasn’t expecting to have to answer personality and quality type questions, I didn’t have anything about those topics prepared for my responses. For my next phone interview, I will make sure I have a broad array of responses not only regarding my work experience, but also responses prepared regarding my personality, qualities, and interests. Not being able to provide a concrete example of a quality you possess is not a good first impression and I need to be more prepared if that type of question arises in an interview in the future. Although I did a good job of providing examples, my examples were all focused around the same topic. I kept reverting back to baseball and I don’t want employers to think that baseball was the only area in which I gained worthwhile skills. I need to be able to provide examples of skills I acquired while in classes and groups around campus as well.



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