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Interviews on Career Choice of Nursing

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Essay Preview: Interviews on Career Choice of Nursing

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Interviews on Career Choice of Nursing

Tameka and Chris think nursing is one of most exciting career to be apart of. Nurses will always be needed and wanted. It's a good choice in career because they will always have a job to fall back on. Mostly families or helping out influenced teenagers to become a nurse. It's all about what they know and what you they are capable of doing. Anybody can become a nurse as long as they can have that mind of set of getting all the work done. Their can be a lot needed to become a nurse. It's something you have to really want in life, and they have to be sure about it. Being a nurse is a big responsibility on them. They have to be on top of your work in class. To become a nurse the main idea is to always pay attention. Paying attention will get them far in the nursing program. To become a nurse they have to be focused and willing to work hard. You have to show what they can do and how good they are.

Tameka Robinson is working towards getting her degree in nursing. She wants to become a Registered Nurse. Tameka is taking all her required classes to get into McNeese's Nursing Program. Tameka said, "It won't be easy, but I'm planning on working hard." She plans on studying and getting all the help she can to become a great nurse. Tameka said, "I am ready and prepared for any work they throw at me." She always on her school work, and always trying to stay ahead in class. Tameka helps out at a clinic to get her prepared for her nursing career. She said it helps her out a lot because it's better to learn things now. Tameka said, "When I start the nursing program I will already know something's." She asks upcoming nurses and upper classman to prepare her for her career. She said, "Asking questions will only make this journey easier." She wants to become one of the best nurses one day. She said, "I want to become the best so many people can trust me with there lives." When she become a nurse and knowing that her patients can trust her, it will motivate her to do best.

Chris Washington plan is to stop partying and hanging out friends. He said. "Going into this nursing career I don't have the extra time." Chris wants to become a Registered Nurse. Sometimes Chris feels like nursing is going to be hard for him because he is a male. There's nothing hard unless he make it because he can do anything he set your mind to. He said, "Something's you just have to do no matter how you feel about it." Chris said, "I never thought I would get this far, but I'm going to stay focused." Chris' plans are to take time out to study and get help from others. He said, "I want to learn as much as possible before he becomes a nurse." Chris has other friends who want to become nurses, and they are going to work together. He is doing this job by



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