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Bus 475 - Conceptualizing a Business: Paper

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Essay Preview: Bus 475 - Conceptualizing a Business: Paper

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Conceptualizing a Business: Paper

University of Phoenix

Integrated Business Topics


Scott Fabyanic

The business I pick was a coffee shop or a café. The reason that I pick this business is because all my life I have always been around coffee even if it's my family drinking it or at the office and I thought to myself what goes better with coffee and it all started to come together food like different types of desserts, and sandwiches and a lot more things like personalized gift baskets how the customers want it design it. I have a background in culinary arts and I like to cook and try different things. So that's when I thought cooking and selling coffee, soda, tea, and other drinks but not liquor would make a good business. My mission statement for my business would be the smell of coffee or anything good can make a person feel relaxed or at home. My vision statement is Five years from now, Mi casa es su casa will be opening other coffee shops/cafés in different parts of the states by 2015 making 1 million dollars in that year. The strategic direction that I want my business to in is to have great customer services, awesome employees and the best for last is great food. If consumers or anyone come to my café I will make sure that they have a great experience and I would like to hear the feedback that people have to give me because if I have not thought about something and a customer's gives me an idea then maybe the next time they come back it will be there.

The way that I define my business is I want to give my customers some were they can go to get away from things in are everyday life and if some people don't have the money to be going on vacation, you can get away in the coffee shop that is around the corner. I want to give my customers a relaxing and friendly environment. The way I am is if you are having a bad day and you come in to get a cup of coffee before you go into work and the person that is helping you and they give you a smile and says have a good day then that may change how the rest of the day may go. It's the small things that matter. The products and service at my business is coffee, tea, soda, food like different desserts, and sandwiches and personal gift baskets that customers can design them self.

The future that I can see for my business is growing and becoming the best coffee shop there is in Tucson and start expanding to other states. I want to give my customers the best I can give them. Everyone will have a piece of my because when I do something that I love my whole heart goes into my work. Companies and organizations are searching



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